An herbal bath is just what the term implies; a bath tub filled with beautiful blends of herbs, flowers, and even spices.. um, and water, of course. You can find herbal bath blends in loose form, herbal bath bombs, or you can craft your own right from the garden or why not, the ol' kitchen. Sultry, sensual, uplifting, healing, ritualistic; you name it.

There is something about adding herbals to a bath that just kinda makes you feel like you're somewhere else. Relaxing in a clean tub of water filled with flowers feels magical, sexy, idk, it feels GOOD. I personally feel connected to the Earth, and just extra beautiful, during and after!

However, I'm afraid that such an experience comes with a price -the dreaded clean-up.

I think that you can tell how much I enjoy herbal baths, but my busy lifestyle makes me think twice about indulging as often as I would like, because I mean, who has the extra time to properly clean up the tub every time? Lets be real, those wonderful baths don't look so magical and beautiful when you're done, and they are even less pleasing to the eye when they've dried up! Also, do those little guys clog the drain??

Anyway, I have expressed my deep concerns, and have presented you with a problem; one that I feel most of you can relate to. Now, I bring you a solution! At the risk of being inundated with messages that read, "you're late to the party dweeb", and "Um, this is common knowledge", here it goes; A STRAINER!

Yesterday my "Dream" bath bomb voile became loose and there was a MESS in the tub. I was so tired and just done at that point. My brain said, "NOT TODAY, go to the kitchen and use your small strainer to sweep the lavender buds out." Just like you do at the pool!" Except the pool isn't filled with beautiful flowers and herbs.. But you catch my drift. Ah, life is GOOD. Yes, I am a simple creature.

Anyway, I plan on purchasing a strainer specifically for my favorite baths: herbal baths! I don't know how late I am, but regardless, I thought I'd share in case I'm not the only potential late bloomer here.



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