Light your White candle when looking to cleanse, purify, heal, and to find blessings, protection, peace, spirituality, enlightment, clairvoyance, clarity, rest, wholeness and joy. White also heals emotions, provides protection, repels negative energy, relieves tension and aids in meditation.


Since all colors are derived from pure white light, it is the balanced presence of all colors in synthesis, so white candles can be substituted for any other color in many rituals if necessary. It therefore gives off a very positive and powerful vibration.


White invokes lunar energy, and is ideal for moon rituals.



The best day to burn this candle is Monday or when performing a moon ritual. Set your intentions and light the candle. Allow candle to burn uninterrupted if possible, but if you must put it out (for safety precausions), DO NOT blow out. Use a snuffer or a safe tip to put out. You dont want to blow away your intention!